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The Hypospadias Center is Pakistan’s only place for hypospadias care. Our surgeon, Dr. Naeem Liaqat, has mastered world-class skills in this field of surgery and provides the best possible outcomes for our patients. He learned new techniques from the best surgeons around and implemented those skills here to provide better results than other places can offer – at his center! 

The whole team assists parents with coping with their child’s condition as well as providing reoperations when surgeries done elsewhere have not been successful. We receive children from all over Pakistan as well as neighboring countries because they know they will get much more out of us that any other place would be able to give them.

Dr. Naeem Liaqat established his medical practice here at this center in 2016, and since then thousands of patients have benefited from the expertise he has to offer. Here at this center, we provide top-of-the line healthcare for people of all ages with penis birth defects such as hypospadias that need to be repaired. Since there are so many patients coming into our clinic constantly, the results we experience with different degrees (mild or severe) of hypospadias among a select group is outstanding amongst other centers in our country. Patients travel from around the country just so they can benefit from our commitment towards excellence.

When it comes to the center, hypospadias is not done as a regular case and on average one surgeon performs 10-15 such surgeries in a month. In contrast to this, we have dedicated our professional careers to improving hypospadias surgery especially when it is severe or during reoperations which were not successful by other surgeons. This emphasizes that you should get the operation right at first time.

Dr.Naeem Liaqat has done hundreds of hypospadias operations with other surgeons to improve the care for patients. He has published more than 50 articles in his career and traveled around the world to learn and teach surgeries.


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Dr. Naeem are world-renowned experts specializing in hypospadias surgery. They have written more scientific articles on hypospadias than any other surgeons in history, as well as numerous textbook chapters and even a complete surgical textbook on hypospadias repair.

Many studies show that surgeons who frequently do complex operations have better results. All hypospadias repairs, including those for distal hypospadias, are considered complex. The average number of distal hypospadias repairs done by U.S. pediatric urologists is 1 per month. The average number of proximal hypospadias repairs is only 2 per year. Our surgeons operate on hypospadias nearly every day.

Published results show that complications from distal hypospadias repair by pediatric urologists are frequently more than 10% and may range as high as 60%. Complications after proximal hypospadias repair are even more common as recently reported by several large centers. We have worked intensively for many years to improve these results. They now have among the lowest complications in the world for both distal and proximal hypospadias repairs.

It is very important that the first operation, whether for distal or proximal hypospadias, be done right. We have identified key factors to ensure success and travel worldwide teaching other surgeons how to improve their results. But our surgeons also have one of the largest experiences in the world performing reoperations for complications after hypospadias repair done somewhere else. They are using innovative new therapies to increase success in these difficult situations.

Hypospadias repair requires a surgical assistant, which in most places is either a urology trainee or a nurse. In contrast, work as a surgical team, combining their extensive experience for the benefit of patients with hypospadias. Our team also includes an experienced pediatric anesthesiologist and pediatric nurses to care for your son.

Patients travel to Dallas from all over the Pakistan and the entire world for hypospadias surgery. The office staff works with you to make your visit comfortable. A fixed price that includes surgical, anesthesia and hospital fees is available upon request, and we accept most insurance plans.

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